About beginnings – 15 things to remember

I’ve been re-watching some of ZeFrank’s videos these past few days and I stumble upon his video ‘An invocation for beginnings’ . His words resonated with me and helped me in a time I most needed them. For that, thank you ZeFrank.

In that videos, he talks about 15  things to remember. Here they are.

  1. Fear – It’s when we are scared, we are not good enough, the fear of failure. To overcome this fear, remember that we learn faster when we make mistake. It also helps to think differently and call this feeling excitement instead.
  2. Ego and arrogance – When we begin something, we are so cut up in the belief that we are a great person and the world owes us a great future. This lead to little or no work done and still expect people to recognise our greatness. Instead, be humble. It’s difficult to begin something but not as much as actually doing it.
  3. Complaining – I am sure we all have Facebook friends who always complains about how difficult life is but don’t want to tell anybody what’s going on. Don’t be that person. For that, you will to control your feelings first, then have a support group where you can talk about your problem and find a solution together
  4. Self-esteem – Having a high self-esteem is bad because it makes you do stupid things. Having a low self-esteem on the other side stops you from taking a step forward. ZeFrank calls it ‘wearing a too-too: too fat, too late, too old’. It is said that the first best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. So, don’t beat yourself up with your imperfection and the mistakes you did before, those won’t hinder your chance to succeed.
  5. Stress copying mechanism – What do you do when you are stressed? Most people eat a lot or seek drugs and alcohol to forget their problems for a short period. Remember that those will never satisfy you. What you want is to get up and begin the project you’ve always wanted to do, apply for a job or exercise.
  6. Self love – You must have had a loved one who disappointed you in a way or another, but you still continue to love them despite that. Well,  ‘Charity begins at home’.  Someone said that if we treated people as badly as we treat ourself, we will be in psychiatric hospital. So, forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve done, pick up yourself when you are down because we should be our best friend.
  7. Knowing yourself and accepting change – I don’t know about you but I used a different method to study in school, depending on the professor. This should apply to our lives. We tend to use the same way of working and thinking even though we changed or the environment we are changed. When we begin a new task, work or project, it’s good to look back our methods, pick the one which will work in our particular case or find a new one all together.
  8. Appreciate one’s strength – We might be imperfect and not much an expert in the subject we will begin to work on but we have something else. It might be creativity, courage, persistence, motivation, passion, mission. We should not undermine those not take them for granted because everyday, those are the things that keeps us going. So, hold on tight to them.
  9. Overestimating oneself – This comic resume perfectly how we should think of ourself as the sum of people and experience we’ve had in our lives, not just our decisions and hard work.
  10. Perfectionism – An old friend of mine. Perfectionism  is good when it’s not over exaggerated. In fact, things are ‘Better done than perfect’. Do what you need to do and move on. The floor will never be perfectly sparkling, that drawing is already good. It’s time to pass to something else, otherwise you won’t be able to do and learn new things.
  11. Opinions – Whether they are bad or good, don’t take them at heart too much. Criticism can help, but only if you take the ones given with sincerity. Compliments are good to hear, but they might stop you from working as hard as before.
  12. Enjoying the process not the outcome – ZeFrank said: ‘Let me not think of my work as a stepping stone, and if it is, let me become fascinated with the shape of the stone’. So, enjoy your work, do it as well as possible even if you want to leave in a couple of months, even if it’s just a part-time job.
  13. Looking forward – Like in the case of finding the methods that work for you, it is important not to compare your new work or project to your past ones. ‘This is what I always did, I don’t like this new one’. Embrace change and only look back to look at the lessons learnt.
  14. Work – Don’t overthink it, we learn by doing. Stop reading hundreds and hundreds of book about overcoming procrastination and begin to apply the methods. The same goes for other skills, whether it’s a technical skill or a creative one.
  15. Leaving for a new beginning – Sometimes, we don’t want to begin a new thing because we are still in the process of doing one. There comes a time in life when we must abandon projects and accept that we failed. It’s time to move on.

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